Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was a fun day around here. When I woke up I had 20 or so hearts taped up all around the house with sweet sayings in them, and Valentines waiting for me on the table. Aaron is so good to me!

We started off with pink heart pancakes, pink eggs and pink lemonade for breakfast. I think Taylynn is the only one who ate it. Alayna only wanted her Valentine chocolates (who can blame her) so I let her eat them, it's Valentines day only once a year. Preston wanted cereal, so he had that.

For lunch we met Aaron at his office and ate there. We made him some cake pops and chocolate popcorn for his valentine treat.

For dinner we fed the children early then put a movie on for them and I made a cheese fondue for dinner. It was romantic!
Taylynn has her Valentine party on Friday so we are keeping up the Valentine mood around here. Here is a sneak at the treats we've been making.


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  1. Nothing better for a special day than family.

    So glad all of you had a Happy Valentine's Day!!