Thursday, February 16, 2012

So behind

I have been going through pictures and realized I have missed some events that I wanted to blog about. So this is kinda a catch up post, mainly with pictures.

We went to a hockey game sometime in January and had a great time. I loved seeing Preston and Taylynn get so excited when the team scored a goal. We met Jason, Brighton and Alyssa there as well, so it was fun family time too.

We also had a MOPS playdate at Going Bonkers, Taylynn and Preston have been asking to go back since then. I think I am going to take Preston sometime on our date and go. It would be a workout for me :)

We spent Super Bowl with our friends Grant and Amy along with some others in our church. I had to dress the girls in their cheerleader outfits, poor Preston felt left out, but he was wearing a football shirt.

We do this thing called "Cheerleader" it's my way of preparing the girls for some stunts and it's a good arm workout for me. They stand on our hands and balance. Alayna won't let go just yet, but Taylynn and Preston can do it without holding on.

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  1. Did you notice Alexis and Taylynn are holding hands in the picture at Going Bonkers? I wish I would have seen you take this picture. It's so cute!!