Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine Party and Valentine Popcorn

Since Taylynn's school party was on Monday and we were still traveling back from Louisiana she missed the Valentine party, but her teacher had a special time picked out for Taylynn to have her own Valentine party with her classmates.

Taylynn and I made some yummy popcorn for her neighbor friends and classmates. It was super easy and something I found on pintrest. All you do is pop the popcorn, make sure all the kernels are removed. Pour melted chocolate over the popcorn and stir. I used Wilton's chocolate disks rather than coloring my own chocolate. Before the chocolate begins to cool spread over wax paper and separate as much as you can and let it cool. Once it is cool you can mix up the batches if you are making more than one color. Then enjoy! It is so yummy! We used ours for Valentine treats and added a little label. The lighter popcorn is pink, a very light pink.

If you have any pintrest creations you should enter them HERE for a chance to win a gift card! Or if not at least go look at Christina's blog and all the cuteness.

So on Friday was Taylynn's Valentine party. We made cookies the night before to take to her friends. It was really hard for me to resist not taking decorations, special drinks (with those cute red and white striped straws) and Valentine games for the kids to play, but I didn't. I held back!
I did dress everyone up for Taylynn's special day.


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  1. Yummy, pop corn!!! Looks like everyone had fun.

    Have a great weekend.