Friday, February 24, 2012


I found something on Pintrest that I just had to recreate! All you need is a backless frame, some wire, nails, mini clothes pins and pictures.

I got this frame for a quarter at an antique shop that was closing....SCORE!!!! I painted it white because it was gold. It took like five coats because it kept turning pink....can anyone tell me why? This isn't the first time I have turned a frame pink when it was meant to be white.

Anyway I had some tiny nails so I nailed them in the back and wrapped the wire around them to make a tight line across the frame.

I stained my clothes pins, to give it a more vintage feel.

For the pictures I use Picasa and made a 4x6 collage with two pictures so when I printed they were smaller and I just cut the pictures out. I made the pictures all different sizes. Does this make since??
I was really happy with the result, soon I'll be posting new pictures of the living room and kitchen. A lot of work has been going on!

If you have any Pintrest creations you can enter them on Christiana's Pintrest Challenge, but do it quick, it end tomorrow! Go here to find out more.

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  1. Hi Caroline, your newly transformed picture frame is really cute!! Isn't it fun to remake things?? I just love that kind of stuff.
    Anyway, I thought I might give you an idea of why your gold frames turned pink under the white paint.... most golds paints that are put on in manufacturing are undercoated with red paint to make the gold richer. In times past when they would put on gold leafing, it was always put on over a coat of red paint after the sizeing was applied. This could possibly explain why you had the pink. Probably a quick spray of a zinnzer stain block primer would do the trick if you do one again. Just thought maybe this would help. Hope you are having a great day. Always enjoy you lovely posts!!