Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4 months

Chandler, my baby, you are four months. These baby days are slipping by so fast. It seems the more children I have the faster time goes. I will say you are with me all throughout the day. I think the fact that I know your my last baby I want to be with you 24/7. I do let you sleep in your own room at night, but even naps during the day are usually in my arms. I am enjoying your noon snooze just you and me.

You are growing, but you definitely are the smallest of them all. You weigh 17 pounds, 24.5 inches and you wear 3-6/6-12 month clothes.

You only nurse and maybe next month we'll start cereals.

You still sleep in the car seat, but your crib is out of Alayna's room and ready for you. Baby sleeping boot camp starts next week.

You sleep through the night, but sometimes get up once to eat.

I don't have to do anything to make you smile, your just so happy and that makes my day, everyday!

You love to talk and play with toys and just look around.

Your momma loves you!


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