Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Since there were so many elements to the BABY SHOWER BRUNCH I thought I would split them up and blog each day about the party.

Today I am going to talk about the decor for the party. The theme was shabby chic/bird nature.

I made these invitations and I think they reflect the party pretty well.

I made the plans for it to be a brunch and knew I needed dishes.

I started with the idea to use mix-match china, so I began my search at antique shops and garage sales. And I found some goodies.

This set was from an antique shop marked down to about $30

I found the rest of these goodies at garage sales:

My Grandma and mom sent me some pretty things also including some of these tea cups:
And this pink depression glass dish that I used to hold the tea bags.

For the linens, I bought more fabric from Wal Mart. This blue and white striped has been wonderful. I got five yards for five dollars, couldn't be cheaper if you ask me. If you remember Preston's Pirate Party, you'll see the same fabric and in July I'll be using it again for Alayna's first birthday party.

I made a table runner with fabric from Hobby Lobby (on sale of course) and some ric rack. I don't sew, but I sure can glue :)

I then hand dyed white napkins to a fresh pink color, tied them with twine and added a little glitter bird clip I got from Michaels on sale for $0.80 each.

I made banners from fabric I had on hand and some left over from the runner and tablecloth. I did discover that banners look even more adorable when you use a thick ric rack rather than ribbon.

For the flowers, I shopped all over for some great deals. I got 24 stems of roses at sams club for $15. I also bought some at Wal Mart that were discounted because of the date- yet they still look perfect today. I also used trimmings from a bush we have on the side of our house, perfect for a filler. I found some other great deals and just mixed them all together and filled silver pals and vases I bought at garage sales. I used dried moss to give them a nature feel.

The place settings turned out adorable. I found a cute idea here that I thought was perfect for this party.

I found a plant with little dainty flowers as the filler and used a lime green moss. The name cards were hand made with shabby chic paper and a green glitter because I love all things that have glitz.

I made these wooden blocks and this baby sign, so we would indeed know it was a baby we were celebrating.

I used my old wooden cradle to set the gifts.

I also bought a chalk board so everyone could put their guess on the baby's birthday and weight.

The flower wreath and birdcage above the table are from Taylynn and Alayna's room. And the letters are just wooden letters from Hobby Lobby with paper on them.


  1. Adorable. You really put a lot of time and effort into your parties. Love it!

  2. I am so bookmarking this post! I will DEFINITELY be "stealing" some of you ideas!!! This was just a beautiful shower!!!