Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lots and Lots and Lots!

Lots going on this week. We are having a garage sale starting tomorrow and I am giving a baby shower on Saturday. So I have been lacking in blogging....sorry!

I have been doing a lot of garage sale/antique shopping my self, here are some of my finds:

Last week.....or was it the week before? Not sure. We went to the zoo with our good friends, it was Alayna's first time and she loved it.

This past Sunday we went to Manhattan to celebrate baby Jack's baby dedication.
Sunday was also graduation Sunday, so we had about 8 people send us party invitations, so we were busy!
Taylor, the youth that I mentor graduated also. I wanted to do something extra special for her so I made her a verse box. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it :( I stained a recipe box then printed off over 100 verses and glue them to cute card stock and added them to the box. I think it's something she'll use a lot.

Here's is the invitations I made for the shower this saturday:I'll probably have a few posts about it next week.

Oh and thank you mom for the cute clothes, they'll be prefect for the beach!

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