Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

Being a mom has been the most wonderful gift. It has changed me and made me into a better person. I am so thankful to have three beautiful children and one on the way. I never expected to be 28 and have 4 children 4 and under. Here's to life and God's wonderful, yet unexpected blessings!

I not only thank God for giving me the strength everyday to be a good mom, but I also thank the mom's in my life.

To my mom,
I am not sure how you did it, but you did! From what I remember growing up, you always seemed to be in control of the situation. I don't remember you mad or angry, unless you had a valid reason to be. You were always kind and loving. I remember you trying to teach us a lesson by using blocks. I don't remember what the lesson was, but I do remember thinking how smart you were for thinking of that :)

I am so thankful for you and I love you so much!

To my Grandma,
I wish I could have seen you as a young mom. I know you were a great mom, because you still are today. I am blessed to have such a close relationship with you, and all those summers I got to spend with you are unforgettable. Lindsey and I still talk about the fun we had.

I love hearing Taylynn and Preston talk about their GG and going to your house to visit. It reminds me of when I was their age and being so excited to visit you. I remember one visit, (I think it's one of my first memories at your house) we were about to head back home and you gave me a toy that looked like grapes, and smelled like grapes. I can still smell it today. In fact the other day I smelled it and it brought me back to that moment. I was sitting on the front porch swing when you gave it to me. I LOVED it!

So thank you for the little things like the grape toy and the big things like letting me bring my best friend to Louisiana with me. I have so many cherished memories because of you!
I love you!

My mother-in-law,

I didn't have you around when I was a child, but I know you were a GREAT mom because of Aaron. He could not be a better father, thank you for bringing him up to be such a great man.

Thank you for bringing me into your family as one of your own. I am proud to be the first daughter you had :)

You not only are a great mom, but a great Oma! Thank you for all you do, we love you so much!

My grandma-in-law,

Although we don't get to see you as often as we'd like, we want you to know how much we love you and miss you.

I am not sure how you raised five, but we're getting close to matching that number (no we're really going to be done at four). I know you are a great mom, thank you for raising a great daughter who raised my wonderful husband.

We love you, Happy Mother's Day!

Wow, I have been blessed by these four women and my four babies. Thank you Lord!



  1. Beautiful post.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. WOW!!! I don't feel worthy but very humbled! I love you and thank you!!