Friday, May 13, 2011

10 months

Alayna you are 10 months today and the best baby in the world.

New things this month:
You CRAWL!!!! You can now get around all on your own, mommy is so proud of you.

You can also clap your hands.......along with your feet!

You eat people food and you love it!

You also say momma and it melts my heart.

You wear mostly size 12-18 month clothes but you do fit into some 18-24 months. You're my big girl!

You LOVE swinging outside, or just being outside. And you LOVE popsicles and ice cream.

You have two teeth and you show them off, I think you're proud of them.

You went to the zoo for the first time (other than last summer when you were itty bitty) and got really excited until you saw a flamingo.....yikes!

I think I can officially don't have curly hair :( One day you will probably be very pleased to not have the curls or the waves, but for mommy I think curls make little girls hair so much easier to fix. I have had a hard time doing Taylynn's hair since she lost her curls.

I am pretty sure you can say cracker and thank you, but I think I am the only one who understands it.

You went swimming for the first time (kinda) but you only wanted in the big kid pool. You are very much a water baby. Florida is going to be so much fun!

Your bad habit this month would be putting things in your mouth. Anything you find....Barbie shoe, paper, lint, put it in your mouth.

You really have changed a lot this month. And you've really started to grow up:( I can't believe in less than 5 months your going to be a big sister..........CRAZY!

You'll still be my baby and I'll love you just the same. I will always love you like crazy!



  1. She is getting so big and doing such much. Love her swimsuits!

  2. She is adorable. Can believe she is almost one, wow.

  3. I just want to pick her up and hug her!! ANd is she crying at that flamingo or crying?