Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When your father and I were friends

Taylynn and Preston,

So now you know how I met your dad and about our "first date" but let me back up a bit.
So I met your dad the end of December and yes I was in love. I left for Colorado for a missions trip about 5 days after that, knowing your dad loved Colorado and he loved to snowboard. I got kinda crazy and bought a bunch of snowboard stuff for him like posters and key chains. I even got him a guitar pick. It was way to early to be obsessed, but I was. I am not sure what your dad thought about all that, but he stilled talked to me.

Your dad and I both went to the same college. I lived in the dorms and he lived at home, about 10 minutes from the school. I remember your dad asking me one of the first few times we hung out if he could hang out with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays between his classes because he had and hour or so to waste. I am glad he wasted that time with me. That gave us the opportunity to see each other twice a week on a normal basis and this is how our friendship really grew.

Your dad asked me to go to Colorado with him and his family that spring break, I thought about it, but once I found out he also invited another girl I decided it's a no go. Ended up that other girl didn't go either, I hope he learned a lesson after that, ha!

Our first kiss happened sometime in the year 2002. You dad was the one that kissed me, he was lucky I kissed back. It was something I'll never forget, we were watching Three Company, an awesome show on TV and he turned my head around and just kissed me. It was totally out of the blue, and so wonderful. But no, we were still just friends!

The rest of the school year flew by and summer time came. I moved back home for the summer, but we still hung out as much as we could.

When school started back up it was August of 2002, we had some great plans in the future like a Dave Matthews Concert, trip to Colorado and much more for next time :)

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