Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

This last weekend our family went to Boo at the Zoo, we had a great time. Their were some great areas to take pictures so I took a lot. I am going to make this post into a fairy tale to go along with their costumes

Once upon a time, their was this handsome prince named Preston. He was so kind and sweet to everyone, his biggest flaw was that he was so shy. One day while walking past the goat farm he decided he would stop by and pet one of the goats. He got pretty close, then all of a sudden this goat licked him.
Prince Preston, thought nothing of it and continued on his way back to the palace, when all of a sudden he started hopping and making a croaking noise.
He was not sure what to think. He looked down at his hands and feet and realized they were green. Since Preston was so shy he ran off and hide form site, hoping no one would see him.

In the mean time their was a princess name Taylynn. Who spent most of her time alone. She was the most beautiful girl in the land, but she was missing someone, someone who could be her best friend. She decided to look for a friend outside of her kingdom and wondered off into the woods.
When all of a sudden she backed into something.
To Princess Taylynn it was a frog, but this frog was no ordinary frog. It was Prince Preston who ran away to never be found.

They were both startled. Preston thought of hopping away, but they both just stayed still and looked at each other. Taylynn broke the silence and said "Hello Mr Froggie, what is your name." Preston quietly said, "I am not a frog. My name is Preston and I am a prince." Taylynn jumped back with shock.

Preston explained what happened and the both began to ponder.
Taylynn had an idea that maybe she could turn him back into a prince, so she tried some magic spells to see if he would turn back.
Preston got scared and wanted to leave. Taylynn pleaded with him and convinced him to sit still.
She tried again, but nothing happened.

All of a sudden Preston had a marvelous idea. He told Taylynn that she needed to kiss him. Of course Taylynn said "No way, that is yucky." Preston said it could be the only way and if she kissed him, then he would be her best friend for life.

Taylynn agreed to try, but she was not happy.

She kissed him once and poof, his crown appeared in his hands.
She tried again, this time believing it cold really work.
And with a poof and a ball of smoke, frog Preston was no longer there. Taylynn looks far and wide. For Prince Preston promised he'd be her best friend.
Princess Taylynn was said and heartbroken. She began to cry, but she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was the prince he came back and he was his self again.

The two lived happily ever after.

THE END......


  1. Ha! Too funny! They look adorable!!

  2. The kids look adorable in their costumes. I love how you put it into a fairy tale!

  3. How cute! I love the fairy tale you put with the pics! Very original! Your kids are precious! I love the princess and the froggy theme!
    Summer :0)