Friday, October 23, 2009

Holiday confusion

I love dressing the kids up for holidays, all the way down to their pajamas. Here are the kids in their Halloween pj's.
And now here they are in their Christmas pj's.
They have to be totally confused, I bet they think Christmas is coming first because we have been listening to Christmas music since the middle of September and watching Christmas movies all through the month of October.
Our favorite Christmas CD is Broadway Kids Sing Christmas, it is great.
Taylynn wants to watch the Grinch with Jim Carrie everyday, so yesterday I went and bought the Santa Claus, maybe it will be her new favorite.

We are having a Halloween party on Halloween, but this is also the same time I begin planning for Taylynn's Birthday party. We are also planning our Thanksgiving vacation to Colorado. Along with Chritmas shopping and planning.I am confused so I know Taylynn has to be pretty confused. I am going to try to confuse you too. :)

Here we are making our Halloween inviations

And here is Taylynn Birthday invitation it's a rough draft, but it gives you the idea of what I have been working on.In the meantime I have been making holiday shirts, just to add to the things to do.
Confused yet?


  1. Love the PJ's! I am the type of person that thinks matching family PJ's would be awesome but I'm not sure I could convince my hubs. LOL! I have tried to find matching adult & kids PJ's (cause I thought it would be fun to get some for Emily, me, my sister, and mom) but not much luck there either. If I was really ambitious I could try and make something...but not likely.

  2. I love the invites!!!! They are way cute!! The Halloween invites were very creative. Sounds like you're going to busy for the next couple of months!!!!