Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How I met your father

Taylynn, Preston and any other children we may have........
This post is for you. I thought you might want to know how I met your father, so here you go:

It was just about 8 years ago today that we first saw each other. I was cheering at Washburn University and we were doing a performance for college night at the Topeka Scarecrows Hockey game.
We had a place to sit while the game was going on and we were to take pictures with kids and they would be posted on the internet for them to view and print off. Capital Journal (our local newspaper) sent a guy from their IT department to take our pictures, his name was.............Aaron.

I remember thinking he looked so cute and sweet. I could tell right off he was shy and nervous, because he didn't really know what he was doing. He works with computers not cameras. I remember hi being confused about something and left to go ask a question, I was afraid someone else was going to come and take over his job. Lucky he came back.

I didn't talk to your dad, or even get his name. But his face stuck in my head. I ran into him again on December 29, 2001. This was on of those moments when you see someone you recognize, but can figure out how you know them. Your dad was wearing a hat, which threw me off. I was with a friend from work who yes liked me, but I felt otherwise. He took me to a small party where all his guy friends were hanging out and that is where I saw this familiar face. I asked this friend of mine to go ask that guy how I new him. Yes, immature I know.
So this "friend" who didn't like me talking to other guys looked at your dad and said "Hey Aaron" then this friend looked at me. I was stuck I guess I had to ask how I new him. So I did, "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere"? your dad said "Yes, I took pictures of you at the hockey game" Right away I new that was the same guy. Ok obviously not right away.

We spent that night talking at the party and we exchanged numbers. It was a great night, but I wasn't going to just let him go that easy. The next evening I was work and thought why not just call him and see what he is doing on New Years Eve, which was the following day.

When I called him your Oma answered the phone and I could feel the question in her mind of who this girl was calling her son. I was nervous to talk to your dad, but I new he was shy and I had to take the first step.

We spend that New Years Eve together watching Dave Matthews Band on DVD. I remember wanting to hold hands with him, but that didn't happen. It was still a good night and one step closer tio knowing him better.

Something different happened between your dad and I, we became really good friends. We told each other everything without holding back or trying to impress each other. The first "date" your dad asked me on was through email, ha! He asked me to go to a John Mayor concert. I loved John Mayor and it was before he was popular so I was surprise he was coming to Kansas. The concert was April 15, 2002. It turned out to be great. Your dad was a great date. We weren't automatically dating after that. We continued to be friends and we did kiss once in a while, but our relationship just seemed to grow really close as friends. I did love your dad and I told him often.
We spent almost all of our time together, and who knew that he was the guy I would spend all of my New Years Eves with.
New Years Eve 2002

That is how we met, but I have more coming.


  1. Those are such cute pictures. You look almost the same, but Aaron looks so young :)!

  2. You were a cheerleader! How fun! I can't wait to hear more.

  3. i nominated you for a little something! check out my blog! =)

  4. This was so sweet :) I'm sure your kids will love hearing this story as they grow up!!

  5. Loved reading your love story.....
    Happy Sunday. I have a few hours to blog hop ......so glad that I stopped here....Be sure and stop by and read about a miracle in our family....