Friday, December 7, 2012

Taylynn turned six!

Every other birthday is a big party. You may have noticed, but I kinda go all out for parties so I don't do them for every birthday. This year was Taylynn's off year, but we still made sure she had the time of her life.
The Sunday before her birthday we took her to Kansas City to get her ears pierced.....or ears peered as she would say! I had built it up to it hurting a bit and after the first ear she was so shocked it didn't hurt as bad as she thought. Her face was priceless!!!!

 We shopped for a while and just had fun! We also saw Santa, but didn't get our picture taken yet.
 After the mall we went to the plaza for dinner and lights; this is a yearly tradition for us. We ate at California Pizza and of course had Starbucks as it was getting dark.

 On her birthday we woke up to a birthday surprise of streamers that our elf Sam left for us. I made a quick breakfast to surprise the birthday girl before she woke up. Cherry turnovers, strawberry yogurt and donuts.

For school I made lollipop cookies and hot chocolate for the kids, it was a hit!

Taylynn wanted Mexican for dinner so I made fajitas and Oma and Aunt Katie came over
Preston bought and gave Taylynn a Preston and they both were excited. It was a bottle of nail polish and it's cupped inside Taylynn's hands. I think she really appreciated it!


  1. So adorable! What fun! I loved the video you posted on Facebook of her getting her ears pierced. It certainly was classic. She sure looks like one happy little six year old!

  2. What a sweet birthday for a sweet girl!!!

  3. Amazing day for her. Happy belated birthday, sweet girl.

  4. She's a doll!

    I'll never cease to be amazed at what you consider an "off year." My idea of a birthday party is taco soup and brownies with the grandparents. ;-)