Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My love letter to Taylynn

              It isn't often that I get to sit down and think about you and dream about your future. I am taking today to do just that. I sit here and realize that you have already been here in my arms six years today! Six years!!!! I wonder if the person I have been has made a good impact on you, I wonder if I used those six years to the best of my ability. To tell you the truth I have struggled these last three years feeling like I was never a good enough mom and I would dwell on all the things I did wrong, but I am always reminded that you love me even with my faults. I feel the same about you. No matter what you do or say my love for you will never change. You will always be my daughter and I will always be the mom making mistakes, but through those mistakes I hope I can teach you how to learn from them, ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself.
               Taylynn, I admire you and your personality. You might be what some call a spit fire, but I love it (most of the time). You love to color and craft, and you're really good too! You are also a free spirit who loves to dance and twirl and sing her heart out. I hope that doesn't ever change. I hope you don't let others bring you down or not let you do what makes you happy, because you are you when you are free to live.
              This morning was priceless; I made you a special breakfast and you loved it, you even said this is the best party ever, it made my day to see you so happy. In just a couple hours I'll be going to your school to bring your treats. Hot Chocolate and cookies, the kids will love it! Tonight we will have a special dinner for you and just celebrate YOU!
             You are loved, by more than I can name. But the one that loves you the most and is celebrating this day with you is God. He has done great work in you....if I do say so myself!!!  He loves you more than I ever can.
              I wish you a wonderful birthday and MANY MANY more to come. Enjoy this year I am so excited to see what is to come!
Love you so so so much little Rae!


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  1. Happy Birthday Taylynn, Seems like just yesterday you were born while we sat in the waiting room. You are a beautiful young girl and so full of life. Stay sweet and close to God with your hand in His.