Friday, May 18, 2012

Mothers day and baby dedication

Every Mothers day is seems we have a new baby to dedicate to the Lord :) This year it was Chandlers turn. My mom and dad were going to come, but they needed to go take care of my paw-paw who got bit by a snake and was in the ICU. I am so glad they were there, to see him and help my Grandma. He is home now and I have more on that story but that's another post coming up....

Anyway Mollie and Doug came and Jason and Katie came, it was great to have family there for this moment. It is a big deal for us to let the world know this is where we stand.....right in the middle of God's hands. Not only does it keep us accountable to be Christian role models, but it's a reminder that the way we act is the way our kids will act. As a mom, I also find this as a relief because I know if something was to happen to Aaron and I, I know our church would still love and support our children in whatever ways they can.

So after the service I had a lunch planned in the backyard. Aaron's mom came and one of my best friends and her family came.

I made Chicken Salad, meats and cheeses, pasta, chips and fruit.
I made the chip bags by putting them through the printer then using a pretty paper trimmer to the tops.
I made the place cards by using baby food jars and a cardboard cardstock. The centerpieces were cans and flowers.

And this is your first look at our drink stand my husband and I built.

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend your Mother's Day. I love the table set up and drink stand.