Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A couple weeks ago while we were shopping at a local grocery store Alayna saw a poster with Elmo and the other Sesame Street characters and that's all I kept hearing about every time we talked by a poster. It was cute so when I had the chance I did some research to find out if anyone was doing a giveaway for tickets and sure enough a country radio station was doing a color contest and giving away four tickets.

I must mention that we also won tickets for the same thing in 2008......and 2009, you can read about it HERE
Here are some pictures.

So all the kiddos colored a sheet and we turned them in quick because the next day was the deadline. I knew we had a good chance because we had four entries, but I had no clue how long the contest had been open. 
The day after we turned them in we got a call that we WON!!!!! I was so excited for Alayna!

We went to a morning show and I took all four by myself. they all did great!!! 

I am going to try to win again next year!



  1. Congratulations!!! Can't imagine all the fun they had.

  2. Yes for you!!!! I bet that was great! I am so proud of you!!!