Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Field day and office/teacher appreicttion day (a week late)

So, since I am new to school and all this, I didn't even realize there was a teacher appreciation day/week until it was happening. Ooops! I'll know next year. Anyway I wanted to do something for all the staff so I made coffee cake muffins and brought them in early before school started. We have really been blessed with a great staff and they are so appreciative. Everyday before I drop Taylynn off we pray in the car together and we pray for the staff and all the hands that help with the preschool. It is so important that she knows to pray for what seems like the little things, the things we often neglect to pray about are some of the most important things. And I want her to learn to pray and be thankful for those who are helping her grow and develop not just into a lady, but a Christian.

Anyway, I made the muffins for them (no picture so just think of the best looking muffins you have seen and enter that here)   :)

Taylynn also had a gift for Mrs Strole since today was her last day in the class.
We got her a cup because she is always out at games for her kids.
Waterproof labels, so she can label things like her cups.

Some super cute pens.

And Taylynn had a sweet note for her:

I left for an hour then came back to 

watch field day!!!!


It was so fun to watch the little ones. They had a obstacle course to run through and they did some push ups, jumping jacks and potato sack race. But Taylynn said her favorite part was the popsicle afterwards.

I stayed with the class until school was over and I got a sweet gift from Taylynn for Mother's Day.

I love that she thinks I am sixteen.....and a half :)



  1. Great gifts for her teacher.

    Looks like she had lots of fun at her field day.

  2. Ha! Tell Taylynn that the popsicle at the end of field day was always my favorite too!

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  4. You're amazing, lady! I LOVE that you thought to pray with her before she goes. Such a gift and a great lesson/habit to be encouraging.