Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Weeks!

I cannot believe how the time has gone by. I am holding on to October 4th hoping to fully remember the miracles of the day. But I know with my memory, the more time that goes by, the more memory I lose. Thank goodness for the blog world, I can record little moments that I will most likely one day forget.

I was just thinking today about that first moment I met Chandler. He was all wrapped up with his face next to mine and I could see his hand popping out from his swaddled blanket. I slipped my finger in and without hesitation he wrapped his fingers around mine. Little moments like that are so beautiful. I took it and I can still see it and feel like it just happened.

Now Chandler is two weeks. He had his first Doctors appointment and other than him pooping all over the Doctor and all over me, he is perfect. Here are some facts:

Weight: 9 lb, 8 ounces
Height: 21 1/4 inches
He smiles ALL THE TIME, at least compared to the other three when they were babies.
He rarely cries.
He doesn't let me sleep much at night.
He loves to be held and snuggle (I think this is why he doesn't sleep well at night).
He fits well into newborn clothes. 0-3 months are somewhat big on him.
He has stole my heart!!!!

The longer I have been a mom....or is it the older I get??? I have really learned to soak it and and take every moment and be thankful. Pausing and giving thanks really brings me back to life and helps me be present in the moment. I don't want to live life in fast forward....I want to be in slow motion. So if you notice me doing less, that's because I am holding my babies.


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