Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween all week long......

I feel like we have been celebrating Halloween everyday for about a week now.
Tuesday, my MOPS group had a Halloween party for the kiddos; they got to do some crafts, color and have yummy snacks.

Thursday, Aaron's office had a Halloween party, so once again everyone got dressed up and had some Halloween fun!

Friday, Taylynn went to school with treat bags for all her friends and a special gift for her teacher. Then, Preston got a phone call on my cell from the Spooky Pumpkin Face from IHOP. He told him that he could come in and get a free scary face pancake, so we headed to IHOP.
Both Alayna and Preston had a great time decorating their pancake and then eating it, of course.

After breakfast we went to a local shopping mall and did some trick or treating. Alayna was really timid at first, but then she understood and would reach out for the candy. So fun watching her learn.

Saturday evening we carved our pumpkin; both Taylynn and Preston enjoyed pulling out the insides. Aaron did the yucky work, then I carved the pumpkin face.Today (Sunday), we went to Taylynn's preschool for their Trunk or Treat
Then, we came home and I made them a "spooky" bathtub. I just added some bubbles and glow sticks to the water, put our carved pumpkin on the counter top and played some kids Halloween music. They loved it!
Then I set up a popcorn bar

and we watched Hocus Pocus. It has been fun, but I am ready for Halloween to be's a lot of work!