Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poor Alayna

So Alayna knocked over a can of white wall paint and had a fun moment playing in white goop. This was probably 1/2 of the can all over her and the floor. Luckily it was inches away from our new kitchen table.

She was so mad in this picture because I had just cleaned some paint out of her mouth (it wasn't much). Taylynn and Preston were laughing too, I think this upset her.

I wrapped her up in my painting tarp, which just happened to be on the table and grabbed some soap and went outside. I washed her off with the hose then brought her back inside. She had to sit wet on the cold tile so I could clean the floor. I was trying to hurry so it didn't dry, poor Alayna, she was not happy. I couldn't help but laugh, it was quite funny!

I got the floor cleaned up and got her in the bath. It probably sounds like a lot of work, but we were all back and running in 15 minutes.

Next time I won't be leaving any paint cans on the floor :)



  1. Oh no! These are the moments you'll remember fondly forever. :)

  2. Oh, horrors!!! My littlest is the biggest pill at getting into things, too. I was painting my porch floor once in a checked tile pattern, and she walked through a painted check 2 times within 5 minutes! You'd think I'd learn after the first time!!! Rrrr. Have to say though, this picture is pretty funny. And it's funny that you took time to take the picture...great thing about blogging. :)