Monday, April 4, 2011

Preston is 3

Today is Preston's Birthday! What a big boy he is!!!!
He is all boy, but so sensitive and loving. He cares about others feelings and wants to make others happy. I really hope he continues these traits. Here is a list of some of his favorites in his words:

Song: Glory to God

Colorl: Green

Game: Pirate game

Food: Ketchup and french fries

Drink: sprite

Movie: Nemo

Best girl friend: Riley

Best boy friend: Kieren

What do you like to do before bed time: brush teeth

What do you like to do outside: dig in the rocks

Restaurant: red robin

Book: Halloween books

Holiday: Halloween

What do you do with mommy that you enjoy: hide and seek

What do you do with daddy that you enjoy: roller coasters

I can tell you Preston is not afraid to be scared. Ever since Halloween he has loved ghosts, monsters and skeletons.

He is also the best big brother. He adores Miss Alayna, he'll be a great daddy one day. Whoever God has planned for him is going to be a lucky girl.

I never realized how having a boy would change me. You are always going and going, but also always loving. You also amaze me with your humor. Even the way you signal me to come here, cracks me up and the way you say words just a little bit different can make me laugh until I cry.

I love how every night you don't just want a hug, you need to give mommy a hug and kiss then mommy needs to give you a separate hug and kiss then you do the same with daddy. It's precious, your precious and I love you so much! Your my baby boy, who is turning into a big boy!

I will always be here and I will always love you!




  1. Happy Birthday, Preston! It doesn't seem possible that he is 3. . .time flies! :)

  2. What a precious, precious boy and mom! happy birthday Preston and Mom, happy 3rd year celebration of receiving your special and blessed gift!!