Friday, April 8, 2011

Pirate Party- Favors

Today I am posting about the party favors. Other than the swords, eye patches and scarfs that our little pirates will receive, they also will get bags of treats when they find the treasure chest. I thought it would be easier and more fair if I went ahead and bagged up the treasure chest goodies so everyone would get the same amount of treasures.
I also made these chocolate suckers for the pirates to enjoy, they were really easy and turned out so cute!

Tomorrow is going to be a hot day, so lets hope these chocolates don't melt! That could be a mess!

I will have pictures up on Monday of the party, better go charge up the camera!



  1. I love all the things you made. Can't wait to see all together.

    Have a wonderful weekend and an amazing birthday party.

  2. Everything is just adorable!!! Preston is one blessed boy to have you and Aaron as parents!!