Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Our Valentine's started Saturday when our friends Ali and Aaron watched all the kids. Aaron and I had an evening to ourselves so we went to dinner. It was fun and really nice to be able to sit, relax and talk. It was nice and really needed, we rarely get to go out alone any more:( Thank you Ali and Aaron, it really meant a lot to us.

On Valentine's day Taylynn was invited back to her school for the Valentine's party, which was really great. She had all these Valentine's for her friends and the teachers. I won the cards from a Pear Tree Giveaway. Didn't Taylynn do a great job writing her name? I am so proud of her.

After school we met Aaron at the grocery store for lunch because we needed to get some things for our fondue.

After the store we went home and had a few Valentine's cards and a package waiting for us by the door. Thank you GG, Paw-Paw and Grandmother and Grandaddy!

Valentine's night we wanted to do a family fun night. I made cheese fondue, which only Aaron and I ate (which is fine by me) and chocolate fondue. We also watched Be Mine Charlie Brown, so cute. Taylynn did feel bad Charlie didn't get any Valentines :(
After the movie they got to open their Valentine's from us. Taylynn got a pretty dress and some candy. Preston got a shirt and some candy. It really was a great Valentine's Day.



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