Sunday, February 13, 2011

7 months

Alayna Jane you are 7 months today. My little Valentine :)

You change and grow everyday and I am soaking it all in. You are beautiful and such a happy baby.

You love to play with your toys, especially your little giraffe Shopie.
Your favorite songs are patty cake and I Got Rhythm by George Gershwin. I love to sing to you.

You enjoy your baby cereal and fruits and vegetables. We are also trying to get you to start a bottle, but you aren't having it. Either am I. If daddy is feeding you you'll cry and look at mommy, as if you're saying what in the world is this thing daddy is trying to get me to drink. Sorry sweety, but it's time.

You now weigh 22 pounds and your 26 inches.

You sit by your self, you roll over once and a while. You will stretch really far if there is a toy out of your reach and you'll get it.

You have been getting up more at night, but you're still a good sleeper. You like naps, you'll take one in the morning, one around noon and one in the afternoon. This is you right before bed.

You love to lay in your bed and have stories read to you. You just smile :)

Your mommy and daddy love you and we are head over heels about you. I wish you could stay this age forever. I do look forward to watching you grow though.


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  1. Wow! She is getting so big! I was also checking to see how your Grandmother is doing? I've been praying for her and was wondering if you had any updates?