Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Alayna has gone through some pretty big life changes in the past couple weeks. I can no longer nurse her due to the pregnancy so we had to teach her to drink from a bottle. This was so hard. She was being so stubborn and just wouldn't take the bottle. We tried three bottles a day for over a week before she drank her first two ounces from a bottle.

When Aaron would try to feed her, she would just look at me and cry, like mommy why are you doing this. I felt pretty bad.

She is doing perfect with it now. Ali, my friend, gave me one of her sons bottle/sippy cups and it seemed to do the trick. It was shaped like a nipple, but just flowed out so she didn't have to suck, this got her use to the flavor, then learning to suck was a whole new trial.
She is doing it though. I wish I could still nurse her, it was so easy and so cheap!

She hasn't been feeling good lately, she has a fever and a runny nose. Our Dr has her on Nasonex to help clear up her nasal passage. She has pretty much been stuffy since she was born. Let's hope it is helping.

The weather was nice here for a couple days so we got to go out and play! Alayna got to swing last fall, but now she can express her joy and she just laughs when she swings.

Her laugh is quite funny. Normally when we laugh we breath out, but Alayna breaths in, so she sounds like she is gasping for breath or she sounds like I dinosaur, it's really funny! I'll try and upload video of it.

This weekend Alayna and I are going to Arkansas with Mollie and Jack to see Angie Smith speak at my mom's church. I am sure it will be great. I am excited to see her and hopefully Kelly too. I'll probably be to shy to go up and say hi, but we'll see.

Aaron will be here with the kids. They have a birthday party to attend and I am sure they'll have fun.

I'll get video and pictures up soon!



  1. You can still nurse. I nursed until I was 20 weeks pregnant. Addison stoped on her own..I think my milk chagned taste. It was so simple! I bet you would be fine!

  2. I hope Alayna feels better soon.

  3. Do you have a humidifier for Alayna. We just turn it on at night for our Drewlbug and he's perfectly content. He wakes up well and within a week, no more snotty nose.
    -Sahsha's mummy