Sunday, January 30, 2011


I wanted to add these picture from a couple dinner parties I had. They are only of the table before the parties, I guess we just had too much fun to stop and think to take pictures.
This one was for two couple friends. I got some new dishes on sale after Christmas so I wanted to use them. You can't tell but it was real sparkly.

This one was pretty sparkly also, I love the glitz!

I had my youth girls over for dinner and for our Christmas Party. It was fun; we ate, had a gift exchange, watched Christmas Shoes and played some games.
I decorated the table and made place cards for each girl.

This was hanging from the candler.
I love these girls. We are a group of 9 and they are all High School girls. I spend every Wednesday night with them and I mentor one of the seniors in my group. It's just great walking through life together and helping them get through the hard and easy trails of life.
We were discussing age last wed and some of the girls thought I was 21...... AWESOME! I am not! I am going to turn 28 in March. It was great to hear I look that young though.