Thursday, January 13, 2011

6 months


Alayna you are:

eating 1 serving of fruits or veggies along with 1 serving of cereal. You love it so much, that it is hard for your mommy and daddy to feed you. You literally want the spoon in your mouth at all times and you cry when we take it out.

You sleep so well. Most days I have to wake you up to take Taylynn to school. You typically go to bed at 9 and if we let you sleep, you would sleep past 9am. You still nap whenever you like, and this works for me.

You love to play with the remote for the TV. You also have really loved playing with your toys, and it is fun to watch you.

Your mommy loves to hold you. In fact I held you for your nap the other day and it was wonderful.

You are a mommy's girl, and you already have that "look" you give me when you are in someone else arms, but you want your mommy.

You do roll over from your tummy to your back and you'll roll from your back to your side and just hang out there.

You weigh 21 pounds.

You are growing the hair back that you lost after you were born.

You wear mostly 6-12 month clothes, but you do also wear some 12-18 month things.

When you get really excited you make a gasping noise, like you are out of breath.

I love you sweet girl!

And no, it's not summer. We just like to dress up like it is.


  1. She's so adorable Caroline! I can't believe how fast they grow. Bodey is the same way about food and does the silly gasping for air thing. You are so lucky to have a good sleeper! Bo was up ONLY once last night and slept until 6:15 and I was praising God for the "good" nights rest!

  2. She is so cute! And growing so fast (I'm sure you realize this even more than I do)!!!

  3. Hi Caroline!

    You won a giveaway I hosted on the Rags to Stitches blog! Congratulations!

    I just got your info from Alissa (I think she just got caught up in the holidays and forgot to pass it on) so I just wanted to let you know that I will be shipping it out ASAP. Sorry for the wait!

    Your kids are adorable!