Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sip and See For Baby Jack!!

Last Saturday I had a sip and see for my sister Mollie.
These are the invitations I made My favorite part of throwing a shower is the planning, I love coming up with new ideas. I had so much fun with this shower for baby Jack.
This was an open house shower where the guests could come and go as they liked. I also wanted to make something fun for the decor so I came up with these blocks to use as the food labels. I love them and I think I am going to sell them next year at my friend Lindsey's booth at the Farmers Market, what do you think?
They are even more cute in person!

I kept the decorations pretty simple and low key, I think everything looked just right.

Taylynn enjoying her parfait
Other shots during the party!

Alayna and Jack crashed after the party.

Notice anything new about my living room, entry way and hallway??


  1. Love all the pics. Looks like so much fun!

    So did you paint? Is that what is different??

  2. You ALWAYS know how to throw a party!!! Great job!!! I wish I wasn't so lazy or I could do that stuff too!!! LOL!! PS. Love the color of your kitchen.

  3. Everything looks sooooo cute Caroline!! I am so sorry I could not come that morning as I was sick Friday and Saturday and did not want to expose anyone. Your decorations are so sweet and Jack and Alayna will be such great playmates to each other as they grow! Enjoyed seeing everyone there. It was such a neat idea. You do everything soooo well, girl. You should be pround, of course, you had a very good teacher. Did not see Deb anywhere, so I am assuming she could not be there. Hope everything is okay with them. Love, Linda

  4. I love your idea to use the blocks to label all of the food and drinks. Such a creative idea!

  5. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!! Everything was so perfect! We had such a great time!