Friday, November 19, 2010

Family Photo

Within the next year we are going to get family photos taken. This is blog worthy because this will not be a traditional picture. I want a larger conversation piece to go in my house. I have the spot already picked out and I have had 5 years planning the kind of picture I would like.

I loved the 50's, ok I wasn't born then, but I love everything about it (almost). I want to do a 1950 photo shoot. What I picture in my head is the children in their nice clothes at the table or sitting on the floor watching TV and me in my 50's dress and apron cooking in the kitchen. Aaron just arriving home from work and is giving me a big kiss while still holding his briefcase.

Here are the type of images I am thinking of, they are very Normal Rockwell.

I am really excited and I think they will turn out great!


  1. I LOVE that idea! Can't wait to see them when you do get them made :)