Monday, April 12, 2010

Not completly sure what I am doing here..............

So for those who know me, know I can't go too long with out doing a new crafting project. I decided to bring some spring into my life with some artifical flowers.
I am not partial to silk flowers, but it makes sense when I want something to use ever year.
So we loaded the car and took a trip to Hobby Lobby this morning. I didn't really know what was I getting, but I had a basket and I wanted to fill it with flowers.
My intention was to hang this decor on the outside of the door, just like a wreath, but I am pretty sure it is too thick with out the storm door. I am still going to work and see what I can do to make it work.
So here is my craft of the day:

I had this basket from Easter, but didn't get eough use out of it, so I painted the Easter part black so I could use chalk to write anything I wanted.

Then I just threw in some flowers. I was happy with it.