Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Farmers Market

A few of my friends and I are setting up a stand at the Topeka Farmers Market. We are selling baked goods, fashion wear, rice babies, other baby items and my labels. I am only doing the labels, that is enough to take on at once. I have been thinking about venturing out and doing address labels and stickers, but that's in another life when I actually have time. (Yes, I know I only have one life)

I am in charge of the signage and labels (of course) for the shop. I have designed the banner and all the labels for the products. I also made some cute signs for the stand to use when displaying our different products. They're not done, but when they are I'll take some pictures

Here is the banner, as of now:

We spent last saturday scoping out the market (I hadn't been in probably 10 years) then we had a brunch at my best friends house Lindsey. I was horrible at taking pictures.

Lindsey did such a great job cooking. We had quiche, fruit, biscottis, donuts, coffee, mimosas, it was wonderful. We got a lot accomplished and hopefully by May 1st we'll be ready!

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