Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This Easter was double fun because it was also Preston birthday. Also a reason to come up with new decorations and ideas.
For Preston's Sunday school class Taylynn and Preston made snacks. We made these bird nests with jelly beans, they had a good time putting in the jelly beans.

I knew I wanted a new center piece for the table and I knew I wanted grass, so this is what I came up with. Aaron made the wood box, and I painted it and added the grass and decorations. (I must say this grass was not easy to find, but I finally found it at Micheal's Craft store).

The following is our Easter with Pictures only. It was a GREAT day and I think Preston had a great birthday.

And were out.......................


  1. What a fun day. Love the centerpiece you made. You guys all look great in your Easter best!

  2. The centerpiece is beautiful, like the colors.

    Preston had a great birthday weekend.

    Love the family picture, all of you looks amazing!!

  3. Looks like a really fun and special day. How sweet to have an Easter birthday. Uncle Ed was born on Easter and has had a birthday or two since that fell on his birthday.The center piece is absolutely adorable; you have a great vision of how to make so many cute things. Love and miss you! Mom