Monday, May 20, 2013

Last week of school

This morning I woke up Taylynn and told her we were going on a breakfast date before school.
          I know she never saw this coming, which makes it the best thing EVER!!!!

We went to Spangles and we shared. She said she wanted whatever I was going to have.
It was sweet and relaxing, even she said it was quiet without Preston, Alayna and Chandler. It was nice to soak it in.

I used this time to ask her what she is going to miss about school......I think she named off everything :)

I asked her what she wanted to do this summer and she said help me with the dishes, oh sweet thoughts!

I told her I was proud of her and that she was a great student.

I am a lucky mom, to have Taylynn as my daughter!

I love making memories with her!!!

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  1. What a special morning together. I love that she wants to do dishes this summer!