Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Surprise #2

I have the best friends EVER!!!!!
I knew Keri was taking me somewhere for my birthday and I had believed it was just the two of us. I had questioned that our friend Cyndi would be coming with us, but Cyndi had assured me that Keri hadn't even talked about it.
I was excited, and had no idea what to expect!!
Keri picked me up at 9am and handed me a clue:

This led me to her house, where we were meant to have scones, but they didn't turn out, so Keri had Panera there for us.

She then gave me another clue:

We got in the car and got on the road. (Starbucks is something we seem to always do before doing an out of town trip, so this was totally normal to me.)
We went though the drive through and the guy at the window told us to pull around front because the machine was broken. What?!?!?!? I was like "how can they make coffee if the machine is long are we gong to have to wait" we sat in the car for a second then decided to go in. As we were walking close to the door Cyndi comes out with our coffees. I think i said "what in the world". I was shocked to see her. She had her bags with her and loaded up in our car.
I was so shocked at all the planning that had already gone into this and surprised they surprised me!

So In the car I got my next clue:

I thought we would be stopping off for lunch and maybe some shopping, never did I expect someone else would be joining us!!!!

I saw this from a distance and really had no idea who that was, the thought of Lindsey crossed my mind, but she lived in Colorado, so there was no way that was her....or was it?????

IT WAS!!!!! 

Keri and Lindsey are sisters for those who don't know. Lindsey has been my best friend since fourth grade and in the last few years Keri and Cyndi have become my best friends as well. So you can imagine I am loving this at this point. In fact I couldn't stop smiling, :)

Pam and Shirley, their Mom and Grandma, were in Lawrence to drop Lindsey off, but we got to spend sometime shopping with them before we got back on the road.

This was my clue that I received while in Lawrence:

So we stayed and shopped, but we had to get back on the seemed we had some kinda of appointment??????

We arrived to our location and it was SALSA DANCE LESSONS!!! How fun!!! i had never done anything like that before and it was a blast. We had a great time and learned some good moves too!

After our lessons we went to a really fun place for lunch and had tapas and sangria.
After lunch we had some fun with the surroundings and had some "senior" pictures since it was my
30th birthday and all.....

Keri handed me my next clue:

And we headed to our hotel. There she had a present for all of us from her mom. Her mom made us all pajamas, they were sooo cute!!!

We relaxed at the hotel, we went to the hot tub and swimming pool and then started getting ready for the night.
I didn't take my camera out that night, but we went to the Pizza Bar at power and light and then walked to a salsa club where we "tried" to use our moves. It was fun.... awkward, but fun!!! We then walked back to power and light and had a good time.

In the morning I got my last clue:

We headed to Lidia's for a brunch and let me tell you I was AMAZED!!!! How did I not know abut this place????? Oh it was sooo good!!!!!

We went to the plaza next for some was windy can you tell??
Then sadly we had to take Lindsey to the airport :( But I am so lucky she got to come and celebrate my birthday with me. I really do have the best friends EVER. I am so lucky to have three amazing friends that love me through my failures and successes, three friends that I know will last a lifetime!!!

Thank you Keri, Cyndi and Lindsey for this memory I will have FOREVER. I will never forget my thirtieth birthday!!!!

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  1. You are so richly blessed to have such dear friends in your life. It make sme smile and lights up my heart. I love you so much and so many others do as well. Happy Birthday!!!