Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Railroad days

We spent a Saturday at our local Railroad festival. It was super hot, but lots of fun. Taylynn and Preston got to go on the pony rides and play on a bunch of inflatables. Preston even met some guy from Star Wars.

Summer is coming to an end and if I didn't have fall allergies I would be enjoying the cooler weather.
Alayna is doing great. She gets up once a night, sometimes she'll sleep the whole night 11-7, it's great.
She is different than Taylynn and Preston. She sleeps more, she loves the car seat, and she doesn't seem to eat as much as they did. She now weighs 13 pounds and is in 3-6 months clothes.
I am sad time goes so fast, but it is fun watching her change and grow.

Tomorrow Taylynn goes to Preschool. She'll be going one day to see if she'll fit the role as a peer model at a preschool for children with disabilities. If they think she might work, she'll then do a 6 week trial in the preschool. I'll be sure to take pictures of her first day of school. She is excited and I bet Preston is too. I am not so much, but I think this would be wonderful and a great opportunity for her.

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  1. I wish she have a great first day of school.

    Great pictures from the weekend.