Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here comes the bride

Taylynn has been wanting to be a bride the past few months. It all started with her obsession to want to watch Aaron and I's wedding video. She loves it and would watch it over and over if I let her.
She will tell Aaron and I to kiss, then she announces that we are now married, so cute. She loves putting on her white dress and dancing around tell us she is going to get married.
The other day her friend Aiden was over and she told him they were going to get married. She got the flowers for her hair and her purse (?not sure why she needed a purse?) Aiden put a necktie on and they got married. Luckily their were no kisses involved.
I snapped these pictures of the celebration:


  1. Too cute!!! I know you will cherish these times and these pictures one day!