Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No for real I an back this time..........

Ok so I am really going to try to keep up!!!!

Life as been wonderful and I just haven't made blogging a priority.  I have tons that has happened between here and there and hopefully i can do a catch up post at some point, but for now I need to just be in the NOW!

So........Alayna started preschool in September and just loves it!!!! She gets so excited when she goes and so disappointed when it is not a school day. She is starting to write her name and identify letters (which I am sad to say she didn't know before hand).

Chandler and I are always go go when she is in school, but its actually harder just him because he wants ALL my attention!!! I am a sucker for that boy and I love the attention he gives me.
He is the one that tells me 100 times a day he loves me. And when Aaron and I are both with him he touches both of us and says "I love the both of you" or "I got both of you" and I am telling you he does this all the time!!!!
My sweet "baby" turns THREE on Saturday :(
But we have a great day planned!!!!!

Preston is in first grade and he is doing well, but he would much rather be at home. It is hard going back after summer, I get it!

Taylynn is doing great in second grade, that girls loves school and it makes my life a bit easier. I can see her being a teacher one day.

Aaron is still working for Payless and doing well. He is going to Alaynas preschool for career week and he is going to talk about his job. I told him I should go so maybe I could understand what he does. I still am not sure how he is going to explain software engineer to preschoolers. I have a feeling they will be lost like me!

I am doing this and that and everything in between!

The biggest chance is a ministry move from students to women. I love it!!! Its so great how God has the BEST plan for our lives.

I love life right now. That doesn't mean life is perfect, believe me its not. I am just choosing to look at all the good and all the blessings rather than the attitudes, arguments and mess.

Until tomorrow........

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