Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hi Ya'll!!!
I am here and still running little ones around.
I have not blogged in a while. My main motivation for blogging was to keep my Grandma up to date on what we were doing in Kansas. This summer she moved across the street from my parents in Arkansas with my Paw-paw. In fact they decided to move right after our visit last summer (I think they knew they wanted to be closer to us).
Well, even at that point things were hard for her and she could no longer get on her computer. Paw-paw even bought her an ipad, but she didnt use it.
My motivation was slim, so i blogged, barely!

I got to spend my grandparents 70th wedding Anniversary with them in January. It was beautiful. I am so blessed I was there to celebrate.

I talked to my Parents and Grandparents on February 15th and on February 20th my Grandma died. What gets me through is knowing that she lives on with Jesus. The joy of knowing her salvation is a blessing.

Life is so short here on Earth, but we have an eternity with Jesus Christ!!!!

I was blessed to get the time I did with my Grandma and I am even more blessed my children got that time too! I pray that will remember her and how much she truly loved them all!


  1. Oh Caroline how beautiful! How I miss my sweet Mama, my special friend, my advisor, and the one who knows my history! I am so thankful for you and your family and our love!

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