Sunday, July 21, 2013


 Back towards the end of May we went to Louisiana and I am just now blogging about it. What i didn't know at the time (because it wasn't decided until after we left), this trip will be the last to my grandparent's house. It is sad, but the real good news is they are moving 7 hours closer to us!!!!! I am excited about this. It is hard to see them move from a place they have loved so much, but more memories are to come and the love goes where they go, not where they have lived!

We had the best trip and it will never be forgotten. I am blessed to have photos and then have a place to record our memories!

We drove to Arkansas first then spent the night and left early in the morning for Louisiana.

 WE MADE IT!!!!!

and the adventure starts!!!!




Someone was obsessed with the gator!!!

digging up the treasure Lindsey and I buried in 1995......i never found it, even with the help of a tractor!



 I cut hair and painted nails!


we relaxed on the porch and the gator

ate watermelon

 we helped Paw-Paw dig up his potatoes

 family time

 a visit with Uncle Dan

Gg and Alayna

This was a wonderful trip. Relaxing and fun......other than the short moment when Chandler was lost about half a mile into the woods!!!! We found him, everything was fine!

We spent a day in Arkansas before heading home, I randomly snapped some pictures, but most of the time we were going to garage sales and an auction.....I did bring lots of goodies home!


  1. Such beautiful memories you made on your trip, Caroline and you captured them on camera so perfectly!! I felt like I was there!! We will miss visiting them there too..........such good times we had when there. They will love their new home and making new memories with the family and friends who will come into their home. Thanks for the wonderful post! Blessings to you all, Linda

  2. Nothing better than quality time with family. Definitely, everyone had a wonderful time.