Monday, October 18, 2010

3 months

What a beautiful baby. Every month I take a picture with her sitting next to the same object so you can see her growth. This is the only one that turned out. I am not sure why she got so wide-eyed, but it's pretty funny.

Alayna is loving life. She sleeps through the night which makes her so happy during the day. I can take her shopping with me without a worry because either she'll sleep or she'll sit in her car seat just watching me. She still loves the car seat.

She watches us and tries to do what we do. One thing is we'll show her our tongue by licking our lips or sticking it in and out and she'll do the same. Also, I'll start to laugh and she copies me, so cute.

I am enjoying every moment with her and I am still very attached. I pretty much take her everywhere. She is attached to me as well, she WILL NOT take a bottle. It's totally fine with me.

She is wearing mainly 3-6 months clothes, but she is out growing them fast. I do have her in a few 6-12 things.

Alayna is going to be a cow for Halloween, and she'll be adorable! Pictures to come.

I love you sweet girl and I am enjoying you learning and growing, but I wish time could just stop and I could live in the moment with you. God has so much planned for you so I'll let you grow up. The best thing in life will be watching you grow in the Lord. I love you!!!!


  1. God bless her!!!

    Wow, 3 months!!!

  2. She is adorable. I love her sweet little smile.

  3. Bless her sweet heart; so precious and can't wait to see her!!