Sunday, August 8, 2010

owl sisters

I redesigned Taylynn's room when she moved into a big girl bed, over a year ago. I have now updated so that she can share a room with Alayna in a few months. As of now Preston is in the room with Taylynn and Alayna is in Preston's room.

Alayna's bed in Preston's room

So I changed only a few things, but major things. I took the letters off the wall as you see here:

After I took the letters off I basically took the wall off because I used double stick tape to put the letters up......oops! Aaron worked on fixing the wall over a months time. This poor guy is probably sick of my projects because he always has a part in something. Thank you Aaron, I appreciate you more than you know.

So after the wall was fixed I added my touch inside the frame. It turned out pretty cute. I just hope Taylynn and Alayna don't grow sick of owls and trees, because they are stuck with it for a while.

This is Preston's side of the room, I bet he'll be so glad to get out of this pink girly room