Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alayna's Shower

August 7th, four of my best friends threw Alayna and I a shower. It was like a sip and see where everyone could come and go as they'd like. It was held here at my house, which was really nice and comfortable for Alayna and I. Alayna was up the almost the whole time. I had been telling her all morning we were having a party to celebrate her arrival. She was to excited to sleep.Here are the hostess', Kim, Katie, Lindsey and Keri. Keri took all the pictures so I had to add a picture of her.The beautiful table and Kim's cake and cupcakesAlayna and IAlayna enjoying the party, can't you tell by the look on her faceFriends- Jen and AliciaGifts
Thanks girls for a beautiful shower, it was wonderful!