Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The house is quiet. It's 12:30 and Alayna and Chandler are sleeping.

I am preparing for my best friend to come to town for the weekend and I am busy.

My mind escapes for a while and then I sit and hear nothing but the air breezing through the house. 

This is a day of change. Yesterday we opened a new chapter to our book and although we have many more pages ahead of us, I realize I don't like change or new chapters.

I am well aware of all the good things to come, but I miss all the good things I had.

I am not sure I prepared Preston for school like I did Taylynn but ready or not he is gone. He went willingly which was perfect and I know he is happy and in good hands right now. That brings peace.

Taylynn was back in the swing of things and ready, she has always been ready. I hope that she always enjoys school and learning.

We made our friendship bracelets so that if they were scared or nervous they would think of mom and dad and know we love them and think of Jesus and the strength He can provide them.

We had a breakfast together, and by together I mean I was curling Taylynn's hair while she ate, Aaron was searching for her book bag and I have no idea who else was at the table......it was chaos this morning.

We took pictures really fast.....

We prayed together. Then it was time for the bus...

They are gone before I realized. I didn't get to say all the things I wish I could have or hug them for the millionth time. They know that I love them right........ They do, I know it! 

I wasn't going to go to school and take pictures, but I did.

I think we have got some great teachers again this year. We prayed for them this morning and we will continue during the year. I know they have a tough job!!!

Two more hours and I'll be on my way to get them with some sweets for the teachers to kick off the year on a sweet note!

I spent the morning with Keri and her kids at Barnes and Noble which is something we did when I just had Taylynn and Preston. Reminiscent!!!!

This is going to be a great year and the more I get into this chapter, I am going to love it! And this chapter should be about two years !!! 


  1. You are such an amazing Mom and such an inspiration to me and how I raise my own children. Love you!

  2. Wow!!! All I can say is I am incredibly parud of you and are so blaessed that our grandchildren have such wonderful parents!