Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Halloween was a busy day at our house. Taylynn headed off to school and we ran out of the house for some quick morning shopping before all the craziness began.
Preston's bus comes at 12:30 and he had to be dressed and ready for his Halloween party. Here he is my mini Micheal Jackson.

Both Taylynn and Preston passed out some yummy caramel apples I made. They gave them to their bus drivers, the principal, office secretaries..etc We did this right before the parties started.
This is Mr Hageman getting his apple.
Preston's Party

 Taylynn's party



Preston really enjoyed trick or treating with his buddy chase and getting all the candy. Taylynn was more laid back and wanted to sit in the wagon most of the time. Chandler got once piece of candy and he was satisfied just eating it and sitting in the wagon. Alayna had more fun than I thought. Although she wanted her daddy to carry her from house to house she would run up to the house on her own and say trick or treat and thank you.
It was a fun night, good memories were made.

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